Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aviary from Stampin Up with a bit of Mojo 152

Hi dear Stampers. How is your day going?
I am sure you know the feeling, when you miss someone.. I am having one of days today.. Sigh..

Today I heard that my grandma in the Netherlands got robbed. Seriously, I am so so angry and feel so helpless on this side of the ocean! She is the sweetest lady and is 85 years old. 1500 euro.. all gone.. She is not rich, she lives of a tiny little pension and turns every coin a couple of times to see if she can afford it..
They stole her wallet and probable watched her while she took some money out of the bank machine.. I feel so so sad for her. She already feels so vulnerable on the street, because she can hardly not walk... Oh I wish I could 'talk' to those people that stole her money.. And you know what.. The bank doesn't want to give the money back.. because she can't proof that her pin-number wasn't in her wallet.. Seriously.. shall I call the bank and let them proof that this little note was in her wallet? They cannot proof that as well.. that is what I am thinking..It is the biggest nonsense I heard of in a long time..

Anyway.. Thanks for letting me vent here..

I made this card for her today.. It may take a while before she gets it.. Holland and Canada .. that is a whole lot of miles..
Sometimes I feel like that little bird in that tiny cage. Canada is huge and fun and beautiful, but the ocean makes it for me into this 'cage' feeling.. I can't just get out of it! Cross the ocean.. take the train, the bike, car.. to visit my family and friends.. It all needs to be planned and saved up for. If you ever immigrated in your life.. then you know what I am talking about..

And yes.. one of the cages is empty.. that's why this little birdie is a bit sad and lonely.. I hope my Oma gets the message.. She is pretty clever.. and so loved!

I tried working with the Mojo Monday #152 Challenge today.. Now that was a tricky one.. A beautiful one for sure.. I hope they will not delete this card from their their blog.. I really tried using the sketch.. but got lost so many times.. I don't have an oval die, so I used the Top Note die from Stampin Up. But that shape brought a whole different challenge in itself to this card.
I did use the Aviary Stamp Set from Stampin Up. I inked it up with some silver ink and some Kiwi Kiss ink. Wow.. Silver ink takes a long time to dry! Beware of that one. I also used the Elegant Lines Embossing folder from Stampin Up. As you can see I dove in my pile of retired embellishments from SU. One of my favorites is the Baja Breeze Grosgrain Ribbon and that cute cute Brad in the same colors as my card.
I love close up photo's of my cards, but sometimes I think it is better not to take any close up pictures.. with this one I guess.. silvery fingerprints all over.. Oh well.. I can just pretend that it was meant to be like that (smile)

I guess that's it for today.. I wish I could call up my Oma.. but she will be sleeping now.. There is a 8 hour difference between Canada and Holland. I am off to make dinner! Whatever you will be doing... Watch your wallet :) and just keep Stampin'.

A big hug, Pauline


  1. Ohhh, my heart goes out to you and your Oma! Why do some people do the things they do? That is just horrible. :( Your card is beautiful and I'm sure it will brighten her day! I love your spin on the Mojo sketch, I think it looks great!

    Take care,
    Anne Marie

  2. Paulina, I'm so sorry to read what happened to your Oma. Some people just have no respect for anybody, and it really is a shame. I love this card you made as it has my favorite color combination. Blue and green. Thank you for signing up to follow my blog also. You are my first and now I wont feel like I am talking to myself. God Bless you and your Oma.

  3. Oh Pauline, so sad to hear about your "Oma". It's a sad world we live in sometimes. I just hope she is not hurt physically, but I do understand that it's the inside wounds that are the worst. I hope she has some people that can help her out.

    You seem to miss her alot. I know she will love your pretty card, it will surely make her smile and forget about the ordeal when she looks at it and think of you.

    It's beautiful, the bird, the cages, and the sketch is tweaked, as I tweaked mine, but I don't think they will "delete" it, it's too pretty.

    Thanks for following my blog. I will do the same right now.

    Kindly, Peggy

  4. This is such a sweet card, and I feel so bad about your grandmother. Shame on them; they will get what they deserve, someday! Your card will be very much appreciated and I hope it flies on bird's wings to get there quickly!
    If you heat the silver ink with your heat tool, it dries more quickly; but I really didn't see any fingerprints at all! :D

  5. Thanks LeAnne.. I would have never thought of that to dry the silver paint faster with the heat tool. Great idea. And thanks so much for the encouraging words. That means a lot to me.. Somehow it gives peace to know that justice will come.. one day..
    Shalom everyone.

  6. I love this card....it's beautiful!!!
    I'm sorry about your Grandma....that's awful!!!


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