Wednesday, January 11, 2012

She is so Precious in His sight! Please pray for Zoe

Please pray for little Zoe.

Hi dear friends.

How is your day going? I hope your day is full of beauty and purpose and life. Today I wanted to introduce you to our dear friends little daughter. Her name is Zoe. She is now 5 months young. Since birth she has been so sick. She has been on steroids and chemo. The doctors still don't know what is really going on in her little body. Her white blood cells are attacking her red ones and it is almost like her own body is trying to kill itself. She has been on chemo each week, blood transfusions, etc.. in and out of the hospital.. living from day to day.. She is now on a waiting list for a bone marrow transplant. But wow is it ever hard to find the right donor to give her the healthy bone marrow.

Zoe is, as I write this in the hospital. She has never been this sick before... I just received an email from her sweet mom. My heart so goes out to her! It's must be the most difficult thing in the whole wide world to see your precious one suffer this much.. Zoe has had a huge fever for days now, she has been throwing up a lot, she is very irritable and just wants to be held. And they now just discovered that there was some blood in her diaper..

My heart just sank.. it feels so heavy for them.. Please pray for little Zoe that God will touch her little body. That He will stop whatever is causing this fever. That He will heal her.

If you have some time in your day.. please pray for Zoe. The photo that I added was taken a little after she was born. She is so precious and has such a beauty of a spirit and soul given to her!

Yesterday I felt so overwhelmed with life and the pain it so can bring that in the evening I locked myself in my craft room and started this picture. The message really spoke to me.

She knew that she was formed by God's hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world for a purpose!

While I created it, my heart prayed for Zoe and her loved ones. I so believe that there is a purpose for little Zoe life, that it is not all for nothing! God has a plan for her. I also believe that satan has a plan for her life.. he wants to destroy her, make her suffer.. It is a war over this little girl and I believe that prayer is one of the 'weapons' to fight for her. I am so thankful for the doctors in the hospital that are fighting for her as well.. Please pray that they will receive wisdom on how to treat her little body.

I hope this doesn't sound to crazy to you.. I am just trying to use words here.. I know I am human and to capture in words what is really going on in the world unseen is just impossible. This is just me trying to express that little something that I think I understand from God and His world and our world. Please forgive me if I offended you with my words. What I hope with all my writing, is that it will encourage you to connect to the God of Abraham, the Father of Jesus and all of us!

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Stay close to Him! Inky hugs, Pauline


  1. Zoe is in my prayers ... I hope she will feel better soon! Ik word er helemaal stil van, wat heb je het mooi verwoord ...

    a BIG HUG, Laura

  2. I just lifted Zoe up in prayer and I pray that all that is medically possible will happen. You don't need to apologize for asking for prayer for her. God is the ultimate healer and there is no one better to seek help from. You are a good friend; I hope more people will take a moment to remember and pray that she will get well.

  3. What a beautiful post, Pauline and so very heartfelt. No need to apologize for it. I am praying for Zoe, her family and her medical team that a miracle takes place. Zoe's family is so blessed to count you among their friends.

  4. Och ;ieverd ik krijg hier kippevel van...natuurlijk doe ik dat. En ik brand een kaarsje........

  5. What a wonderful loving post and gift that you've created for Zoe and her family. My small prayers are added to these others and I trust God will add grace and healing to the small life He created.

    Whatever his will in this matter your lovely picture will be a reminder going forward of a life lived and loved.

  6. Ik ben er stil van... wat een verdiet...
    Ik zal ook voor haar bidden...

    Liefs Tamara.

  7. Lieve Pauline, wat ben je toch een schat dat je dit doet...
    Mijn gedachten en gebeden zijn voor Zoe en haar familie en ik hoop dat er een remedie gevonden wordt om dit lieverdje beter te maken.
    En je niet verontschuldigen, hoor! Je bent menselijk en gelovig en dat maakt jou wie je bent, met een warm hart voor je medemens.
    Je mag trots zijn op jezelf!!!

    Liefs en een dikke knuffel (op afstand helaas), San


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