Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two step bird extra large punch by Stampin up

You might think that I have some amazing scissor skills. Maybe I have, but I haven't taken the time to find that out. As a kid I would be in my room cutting away flowers and birds and faces..with very fine details. I would borrow books from the Library and would try to copy the detailed pictures..
Now I am a mom. And sometimes when I take care of our childrens cousins, there are 6 children in this household... Sadly I have no time to further my scissor skills. I think Stampin up had me in mind when they created this overly cute Bird punch. Seriously, in just 4 seconds I have this adorable bird, it's branch and an extra wing for this birdie. (item# 117191 in their catalogue)
What more can I ask for.. Stampin up gives me kinda... 'wings to fly' and create cards that are so stylish and don't take up to much of my time. I love that about them.

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