Monday, September 6, 2010

And the mountains shall bring peace to it's people.

I love being in the Rocky mountains. It really gives me peace and a different look on things in my life. I just wanted to give you a glimpse on how beautiful it was here last night when we went fishing. Just stunning what nature can do. We had lots of rain these days. The wild fire / forest fires are all gone and what is left is just a crisp piece of nature, that had enough rain to last a couple of days. Nature is in peace here. So many birds, on our walk we saw the joy of a 3 year old bear almost dancing from bush to tree looking for fruit and eating it when he found it.. So so cute.. He looked at us a couple of times and was okay with some audience, I guess.
Here is another card I made with the Elements of style stamp set of Stampin Up. I used some other colors, for the rest it is pretty similar. Still love it. The layout.. speaks of peace as well.
Hope you see some beauty in today. It must be somewhere. Don't miss it!
Hugs, Pauline


  1. The black and white spotlight on the color stamp, what a nice twist to the spotlight technique.

  2. I really like the colours you have used for this card Pauline. Nice job :)

  3. You have so many pretty colors. I'm here from SC #209.


  4. I just loved this post. Thanks for sharing the bear story and your beautiful photograph. I could just picture his sweet face. Also loved the spotlighting on your card and the great balance of the soothing color combination.

  5. Pauline - love how you translated the colors of the picture into your card - beautiful!

  6. Wow, great card. Beautiful stamp set.


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