Thursday, September 16, 2010

Countryside by Stampin Up and me

Howdy everyone. So glad I had some time this morning to show you this card I made.

I have to admit, living for 28 years of my life in Holland in the city Woerden and Dordrecht, added a lot of 'country' to me. You know, Woerden and Kamerik and Oudewater have many, many farms. Friends of us made and still make the yummy dutch cheese 'Goudse Kaas'. You might recognize the name 'Gouda cheese' better. Did you ever give it a try.. (i.m.h.o) It is the best cheese out there. Gouda is a city in Holland. Many little towns and cities around Gouda are dedicated to making this fine cheese for this world famous 'brand'.. I actually helped out making this cheese at a friends farm in Kamerik.. Loved the whole process of it. It is so down to earth. And it is really an art.. Card making is an art, but making cheese is definitely one too.

It is hard for me to imagine Holland without its green pastures and gently grazing cows. They are as much part of the Dutch identity as clogs, windmills, van Gogh, Rembrand and tulips. Not surprising, when you consider that the Dutch have been making cheese since 400 AD. Nowadays, Holland is the largest exporter of cheese in the world. It red somewhere that Hollands dairy industry as a whole has a turnover of around Euro 7 billion. Now that's lots of cheese..

Anyhoo.. Farms, barns, cows, cheese and trucks.. No wonder I am loving this new stamp set that Stampin Up came up with.. Their sketched look give these beautiful stamps a nostalgic feel, that is perfect for calling up favorite memories and creating a country mood for my cards.

I used some different shades of blue, yellow and green water coloring to brighten up the image of this truck. I hope you get inspired to be creative today.. It's a good day for that.. Lots of rain here in Calgary. I miss the sun... sigh...

A big hug everyone and enjoy the rest of your day. Pauline

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  1. Your card looks great!
    In germany it rains and rains and rains...

    A lot of greetings



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