Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Peetjes Freubelsite is sure one you don't want to miss!

Hi sweet all of you's.

Have you ever visited Peetjes Freubelsite? No.. well then you are lucky.. this dear dutch woman has one incredible talented blog with the most stunning cards. The details she puts in all her cards are mind blowing. I love it. She is also very funny and just adorable in her writing. Please give her site a visit. I am sure she would love to have you visit. I sure try to do that each day.

This morning I received this card from her in the mail. She posted it a while ago.. I think I left a comment for this card, because I loved it so much! Yip.. she is a lady for the details. She remembered and send me the same card.. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks Petra.. That is so sweet of you. I love it.. So fun to actually hold a card in my hands that you made.. The details are so beautifully done! It's sure is a keeper.

In one of her blog posts she asked us what we do with the Christmas cards we receive. Well.. I added 2 photo's of what happens to our cards.. The photo ones end up on our massive Canadian fridge for the rest of the year and the other sweet cards are on our side board. I love receiving cards and reading the little notes that our friends write to us.

Well.. gotta wrap some presents here.. 2 more days until Christmas evening :)

Inky hugs, Pauline

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  1. Thanks for sharing, they are beautiful! Merry Christmas


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