Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Broadsheet Alphabet + some Greenhouse Gala DSP by Stampin Up and me

Good morning dear you!
  • Today I saw something new on my Blogger account. I went to Design and one of the buttons said 'Stats'. So I clicked on it and it said that in the last half year I had 12.222 visitors.. ( I know what a fun number) You should have seen the happy surprise on my face! Blogger counted it for me. It also told me through which websites those visitors (you) had found me. OH.. That is so so cool and to me that is so many visitors!!!! Love it! So motivating and fun to know that I am not the only one writing and reading my blog :)
About a week ago I received a Stylish Blogger Award from the talented Penny Hanuszak from 'Penny Tokens Stampin Spot'. She is from Abbotsford BC Canada and has so many beautiful cards on her blog! So to receive this Award from her is really a treat! Please give her a visit. You will not regret it, she will inspire you for sure! Thank you dear Penny, that is so sweet of you to think of me in that way.
To accept this Award I need to tell you 8 things about myself that you might not know. After that I get to pass this Award on to eight other bloggers out there in Blog land, that I enjoy and that I would love you to get to know as well.
  • But guess what, there is no way I could ever pick only 8 blogs from the many many that I am following. If each and one of them weren't worthy of the blog Award I wouldn't be following them. :)
Sooo, this is to all of you who come by and support me by showing me the love and by having a blog that I so enjoy following. Grab this badge, post it on your OWN BLOG! You so deserve it!
Okay, I will tell you a few things about myself:
  • I simply love Cadbury Mini Eggs. I am so happy they come now in a 943 grams bag instead of the tiny 33 gram bags you were only able to buy during Easter.
  • Trendy Trees by Stampin Up is my most favorite stamp set. I finally got myself a Stamp-a-ma-jig thingy to position the top of the tree on its stem in the 'perfect' way. I hope it will help. I wasted enough time trying to align the 2 together without succes.
  • I have a huge passion for people with addiction problems. I worked/lived with them for years in the Red light District of Amsterdam and in Utrecht and Dordrecht (Holland), in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), in Winnipeg (Canada). I believe there is hope for them and that in God's dictionary the word hopelessness does not exist. He has plans of hope for everyone! and who am I to argue that with Him! :) I have seen people change and become a new person! So beautiful to be able to walk beside them when they are looking for change in their lives. I learned as much from them as they did from me. That's is grace. Once our 3 kids are a bit older I would love to work again with them here in Calgary.
  • I get seasick very easily in a boat, in a plane, on a bus and when I do some snorkeling in the ocean.. It is just to bad.. I still do it.. but I know that after the event you can wipe me up for the rest of the day...
  • I used the Baja Breeze color of Stampin Up as a paint color in our kitchen. Love it! Together with the light wood it is just stunning.
  • English is my second language.. Dutch is my first language.. In case you were wondering.
  • I love biking through the 'dutch Hei '(beautiful area in Holland with trillions of purple little flowers and little hills and trees), through the 'dutch polders' (farm area with bike paths) through the cities and villages and close to the ocean and of course through the forest.
  • I love the music of Brian Doerksen, U2, the Violet Burning, Petra, Julie Miller, Van Morrison and Bach. Some of their songs just keep giving me tears in my eyes.
  • I love to sing and play the guitar and watch our 3 kids dance and sing along on the music.

well.. thanks for hanging in there with me.

I made this card for a dear friend in Holland. She's the sweetest thing. And I have to say that I am in L-O-V-E with each of the Broadsheet Alphabet letter stamps. They are just perfect for those personal cards!

Well.. life is waiting here! Enjoy your day.

Inky hugs, Pauline


  1. Pauline this is such a beautiful post, just like you! You are a very thoughtful and caring person and I loved that you shared your award with "all" the bloggers you follow. Thanks for the comments about my blog, I struggle with it, so it was so nice to hear your remarks. Made my day!

  2. Gorgeous! And so good to see you posting again, I have missed your updates, Pauline.

    I never thought to use SU colors for wall colors. You've got the wheels in my mind turning now... Hmm... would Kiwi Kiss be taking it too far? Kiwi Kiss with accents of Early Espresso and Very Vanilla... Hmm... :)

    And as for the Stamp-a-ma-jig - that is my go-to tool. I cannot live without it. I stock up on acetate sheets, cut them up and make a permanent index sheet using Staz-on for every stamp that I find myself using the SAMJ so I can save time.

  3. Pauline, I enjoyed reading all about you. I would love to see a photo of your kitchen. We are building a house and I've often said that I would have SU colors in my house. :) I love the card. You are right, this is a great Alpha set. Congrats on the Stylish Blog Award!

  4. Pauline, your card is beautiful!! I love the soft colors and those alphabet stamps are so perfect for personalized/monogram cards. What a great idea you shared.

    I loved reading more about you and I am envisioning Baja Breeze as a kitchen color. Ohhhh! I bet it is gorgeous! We also have some of the same taste in music...and you also gave me some new artists to check out in iTunes. I LOVE all kinds of music! It's always nice to stop by and visit you! :) Have a great day!

  5. Congrats on the blog award, the stats are nice to see aren't they. Very nice card, I love the colours.

  6. this is adorable, I luv those alphabet...have a super weekend!

    enjoy *~*


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