Saturday, June 25, 2011

Abundant Hope by Stampin Up and me and my mom

Good Saturday Morning to you, dear you.

Last night me and my mom (read..my dear mom from the Netherlands) created this card. It was the best thing ever to invite her in my craft room, to let her sit next to my desk and to show her my hobby... my paper and ink and many many stamps and ribbon and buttons and markers, and well.. all of it :) the cards I have been creating over the last 2 years..

Then I showed her the stamp set I had bought with her in mind. It is now retired.. It is called Abundant Hope. It has a daffodil and some beautiful sentiments that point to the Hope God has.

This was so much fun.. Together we put this card together, had our opinions about it, our laughs, our.. 'ooh's and 'aahs' and 'oh that's beautiful' and 'No no no no that makes it worse' moments. I loved every moment of it. What a gift to have my mom sit right next to me in my favorite room of the house. She would read my blog in the Netherlands and just see the end result of my cards and my little 'chatterbox' talk around it and now she was just there..

After the card was done we went outside and we asked my dad to take a photo. I am sorry but I almost peed my pants out there. We could not stop laughing. There we stood on top of the hill with this card in our hands and 2 man at the bottom of our yard who were looking at us with a face that spoke.. 'boekdelen'.. (that was dutch.. I have no idea how to translate that one :) I don't think that they could figure out why this man (my dad) was taking a picture of 2 woman with a hand made card in their hands.. They looked again.. I looked back at them, They kinda laughed, I laughed /waved at them, They waved back and looked again to see what was going on.. then I just couldn't hold myself back.. My dad just wanted to take that darn picture.. But we were almost rolling over the grass from laughing.. You have to know that my dad has a pretty serious personality. For him to take a picture from us with a card in our hands, is already something he is not really comfortable with... So this just made even more hilarious. Well.. we had to cool down a bit and ask my dad in a really nice way if he could take a picture of us with our precious card. And yes we had to promise him, that we wouldn't get the giggles / slappe lach this time..

So there you have it.. a nice decent photo of me and my mom with our card. And we're proud of it :)

Oh.. I just have to tell you one detail of this card. For the first time I used some Vellum Stampin Up paper and stamped my image on it with Elegant Eggplant Classic Ink. It sticks so well to it. And I love how that turned out. So so pretty! Very elegant if I /we say so ourselves!

Well.. I gotta go.

Inky hugs, Pauline and mama Atie.


  1. Hey, Pauline! Wat een leuk idee om je mams mee je hobbykamer in te nemen! En dan samen deze prachtige (en inmiddels dierbare)kaart te maken... Heerlijk, meid! Hoezo quality time!! Koester dit moment!
    En de kaart is ook echt prachtig en "elegant"! En dan de foto, ook een beauty!
    Je lijkt veel op je moeder, of mag ik dat niet zeggen? ;-)

    Geniet van jullie tijd samen, het is je gegund!!!

    Dikke hug, San

  2. hey lieverd ( jes)..
    Ik zie het al helemaal voor me jullie de slappe lach, paps die zeer serieus een foto probeert te maken en dan een man die zo kijkt als of hij water ziet brande, dat moet er wel heel komisch uit gezien hebben. Maar dames jullie hebben er een hele leuke kaart van gemaakt en ik wens jullie nog een hele leuke tijd samen ...liefs peet

  3. Nou ik vatte 'em helemaal hahahahaha
    Ja hoe vertaal je het woord boekdelen???? Gewoon niet doen haha. Typical Dutch word :)
    Wat geweldig voor je dat je ouders bij je zijn. Niets is leuker dan samen lekker aan de slag.
    Ik vind de foto's enig om naar te kijken; het kaartje is super geworden.
    Geniet van deze tijd met je ouders; heel veel plezier!

  4. Pauline, this is a beautiful card! Love the story of you & your mom creating together! Love the image of your dad taking the photo!

  5. Pauline, this is beautiful! Time spent creating with mom is even more precious. So glad to hear that you had a great time creating with your mom. The story you shared of your dad taking the photo of you and your mom is precious.


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