Monday, June 20, 2011

Delicate Doilies by Stampin Up and me

Good Monday morning everyone. I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Don't these days go by way to fast.. It is probable a good sign of something here, so I am not complaining :)

Oh my... I think that my brain is still fried from some parts of this weekend. The kids had a blast on their birthday party! This was one full and loud house with about 21 sweet and adorable kids running around and not using their inside voices. Outside the rain was pouring down and there was no way we could have the kids outside for any longer than 5 minutes. We had hoped that the boys could go to the park and the girls could play princess or something.. But nope.. they were all 21 one of them inside this home.. But it was fun.. oh so fun.. & Our kids are blessed with so many dear little friends. And I am a thankful mom here on my couch looking back at the day.

But I have to tell you, we were all so thankful when the lady came over with her funky reptiles. Suddenly I felt space in my head again to think :)

And yup, that is me holding a Boa snake.. I think.. Ugh..I forget this snakes name.. He was sure impressive gliding all over me.. those muscles.. It's the weirdest feeling when it is doing it's thing of being a snake. I'm glad it's not my pet.. Not my thing.

Anyhoo.. I created this card with the Stampin Sisters in Christ Card Challenge #94 in mind. Their challenge is so fun.. (well I think it's fun. I am still not sure if I got it right though....) that I had to participate! As always the hostess offered us a beautiful devotion to think about. the Scripture verse she challenged us with is Hebrews 11:1. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.

I tell you.. that is a huge one. I am just chewing on that one with our oldest son Reuben. He is now 7 and he has so many questions and thoughts. I love it, but I already know that many of his questions I will not be able to answer for him. I just hope and pray that God will make Himself real to him.. Because He is the only One who can do that. I can't do that for Him. Although many times I would love to.. I just can't! That kind of 'explaining' that God has for Reuben will go beyond any words I can ever have for Reuben to explain who God is.

The other day I challenged Reuben and said.. Reuben what does 'Love' look like? Well.. love is being nice said Reuben. I know.. I said.. but what does it look like? Is it red? Does it have the shape of a heart? When you touch it, does it feel sharp or hard or soft? Well.. I don't know.. said Reuben.. what does it look like mom?

Well, that's the thing I said to him.. When you see 2 people treating each other with respect and when you see that they are kind to each other, when you see that they forgive each other, then you know that they have 'Love'. You see it in the things they do. It is there, right? When you give your sister a hug and you smile at her... I see 'Love'.. Oh said Reuben.. that is cool! I got it (pffhh.. I sighed of relief.. that was a tricky one..)

Well it is the same with God, Reubs.. we don't see Him. But He says that He is full of love for us. He created the trees, the birds, the flowers, the sun and the moon.. We didn't see Him creating it.. but it's there now right? Just like Naomi suddenly got hip sockets and bones in her legs that were long enough to reach her hips. He did that for her.. They weren't there before... and the thing is Reubs, He asks from us to trust Him.. not to understand Him.. we will never be able to do that.. And that is very much okay.. It was still for a bit and then Reuben said.. Do you trust God all the time? No.. Reubs.. but I try.. and He has grace for that and He loves me just the same with or without my trust in Him. But I do love Him.. and He gets me.. So that's the good part of our relationship. We will get there..

Yah.. Life eh! What a journey we're on.. It's good.

So on to the card. The Stampin Sisters challenged us to make a card that we doodle on.. in.. (...) Now.. seriously... I have no idea what that means! (smile) So I just created this card and hope I was doodling it.. What a word.. Some creative people came up with that one :)

I inked up for the first time my new Delicate Doilies Stampin Up stamp set. It is available in the New 2011/2012 SU catalogue that is coming out the 1st of July.. & Don't you love the color combo I used.. Here you see the Elegant Eggplant, Whisper White, Tempting turquoise and Pale Plum from Stampin Up. I love these yummy colors..

Well, this turned into a longer post than I anticipated.. but thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope it was worth it and I pray that God will show Himself real to you as well! That part I believe He can do. He did it for me and He has a very creative and personal way to do it for you too!

Inky hugs, Pauline


  1. Wat een mooie woorden weer, Pauline... Je kan zo mooi de juiste woorden vinden om je gevoel voor God te omschrijven... Prachtig! Ik vind je een kanjer!

    En wat betreft je kaart, die is ook prachtig! Mooie nieuwe set... Kan haast niet wachten tot de nieuwe catalogus "uit" is...

    Veel liefs, San

    P.s., wat een heerlijke verjaardag heb je gehad, ondanks de regen...

  2. This is so pretty. I love the colors that you used. The doodling on your tag is just perfect! You are brave holding that snake. I don't think I would have done that. I got a jumpy feeling as I was scrolling down your blog and saw the snake picture there. :) Thanks for joining the Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge!

  3. I almost clicked past your post at the snake post...I am so glad that I didn't. What a beautiful conversation you had with your son. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome card to show off that fabulous stamp set!! Love the conversation you had with your son!

  5. wou dat ik een vliegje was en jullie gesprek kon horen, zo mooi en leerzaam. De kids boffen met zon moeder. Je kaarten zijn steeds weer zo bijzonder net als jij..super gewoon...Liefs Peet

  6. Hello Pauline - what a great devotional, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Great card too - the SU set is fabulous!! way to go with the doodling Pauline - Love it - thanks for joining us for this weeks Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge - we love to see you and appreciate your support! {{{hugs}}}
    Linda SSIC Design Team

  7. Ik vond het een super post om te lezen; mooi!!!
    Dat is ook het leuke aan bloggen; je delt iets met elkaar en leert van elkaar. Bijzonder hé!
    Die slang zal ook nooit mijn vriend worden; getver. (haha)
    En je kaart? Lieverd het is weer beauty; ik ben helemaal wég van de combi turqoise/purper. En de stempels??Wow!

  8. this is a great card pauline-thanks for sharing the conversation you had with reuben-loved reading it-I took the easy wasy out on this challenge and used dsp that had doodling on it

  9. I love this new set! I've actually used it ... yay ... but haven't posted it yet ... ugh. You have showcased this stamp beautifully ... gorgeous card! As for your picture with the snake ... yikes! You are better woman then me! LOL

  10. I loved reading your post, your dear son has a wonderful mom and it sounds like you are doing a great job raising him. They do ask tough questions sometimes, dont' they? Hard always to come up with a good answer. The colors and the card are so pretty. Nice job with a new set! Thanks for playing along this week with Stampin' Sisters in Christ!

  11. Eek, a snake?! you are very brave, my friend... I don't think you could pay me a billion dollars to hold one. LOL I freak out when I see a little garden snake in my yard (even little Lexi freaks out and does a 360 in the air as she jumps to avoid the snake - it's kind of funny when I look back on it but eek, I'm not a fan of snakes).

    But your card is divine! I love how you used the border punch and the doily stamp set. Just beautiful and the colors really do pop!


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