Saturday, June 11, 2011

'Friends Fur-ever' by Stampin Up and me, my style & I..

Hi dear blog friends.

It is late, but I still wanted to post a card that I created last week for Rachel's dance teacher 'Lisa'. This girl / lady is the sweetest thing and I am so happy we got her some nice sunflowers and a cute home made card, just to thank her!

I guess, that's what I love about this hobby of mine.. it's fun to do and fun to pass on once it's done.

Isn't it hard not to fall in love with this little cutey? It's from the 'Friends Fur-ever' Stampin Up stamp set. (#120504 - $31.95) It's a set with 19 different stamps. I haven't even used all of them yet.. the possibilities are just endless with this set. It's a keeper for sure.

I wanted to keep this card simple.. cause.. well. simple is my middle name.. It's my kind of style.. I think.. well at least for now.. But what's a card without some bling right? Yip a bling-less-card! (smile) The dear Pals Paper Arts Challenge ladies asked us what our signature design was / is, this week.. well I mean.. also next week.. well. I am sure you know what I mean.. they mean.. Oh my it's late.. me and my English.. aren't the best buddies at this moment..

Anyway.. I love a clean, elegant and simple and bold style.. with color and fun and bling and a creative twist of out of the box thinking.. That last one there.. I am still working on.. But I am sure you will not hold that against me.. right :)

I have to tell you. It rained the whole day today. (sigh). Next Saturday we're going to have the birthday party of our 3 kids at our home. They were all born within 5 weeks (spread out over 5 lovely years) If this rain continues.. we're in trouble.. With about 20 kids coming and one small house.. it's not going to look that good.

Oh, and did I mention that we're also going to have some fun visitors adding to the birthday fun.. Some funky reptiles are going to join the party! For real.. Real big spiders, snakes, an iguana, oh my.. I hope that if it rains, none of them are going to get lost in this house of mine.. Geez.. that would be wild. Our son would love it.. So don't give him any idea's.. right.. Yes... I will keep these thoughts to myself and pray that it will stay dry next weekend!

Well enough for today.. I am off to bed.. Let's hope there will be some sunshine tomorrow, just to ease my mind!

Inky hugs, Pauline


  1. Ik stuur je een klein beetje zonneschijn vanuit Nederland toe, misschien helpt het. Niet alles trouwens, want zoveel zon hebben we hier ook niet. Het is erg bewolkt, maar gelukkig wel droog zodat ik mijn was lekker buiten kan drogen. Altijd beter dan in de muffe kelder.
    Leuke kaart! Inderdaad eenvoudig, maar daardoor wel mooi!
    Ik ga voor je bidden dat het zaterdag zonnig is, op het feestje van je kids. Wie weet helpt het.
    Fijne dag en tot de volgende keer!

    Liefs, San

    P.s. bedankt voor je leuke reactie op mijn laatste kaart, vond hem waanzinnig grappig!!

  2. echt geweldig deze stempel, doet me denken aan de pluizebol die hier rond loopt, daar lijkt die wel een beetje op. Meis wat een leuke kaart heb je weer gemaakt...kusknuf Peet

  3. This is so cute! I had a Scottie for 15 years so I love little Scottie images :)

  4. Pauline, this is just so cute!!

  5. Very cute! Thank you for playing along with Pals Paper Arts.

  6. Ach...."jouw" hondje; wat een schatje.En zoals hij (ik ga uit van een reu haha) op die stoel zit.....

    Enig om alle verjaardagen van je kinderen in één keer te vieren en ik hoop écht dat jullie dan goed weer hebben, We hebben hier in Nederland onwijs mooi weer; erg on-nederlands want het plenst hier vaak en veel. Maar ook vandaag weer blauwe luchten en zon...heerlijk!

    Maak er een leuke dag van; ik hoop dat het bij jullie in ieder geval droog is en liefst ook zon....

    Liefs en groeten,

  7. I love that bling on the pup's collar!! The CAS design is fabulous and I love the colors you used. You definitely know how to rock the colors and combine them in a great way.


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