Friday, November 26, 2010

Back from our sweet trip to Holland

In Hilversum with our 3 cuties

Me and my dear friend Ellie.. Hi Ellie :)

A good cup of Douwe Egberts Coffee and a speculaasje

Me and my son on the beach in Hoek van Holland

Hi dear all of you.

I just got back from an amazing time in Holland. Those days just flew by.. But I am full of great memories and impressions that will last a life time.

It was so good to be with my family again. They are all so sweet. the way they all opened their hearts and homes for me. and helped me and the kids to hang out with them in Holland.
On one of the pictures you see one of my dear friends Ellie. She rocks, if you ever see her walking on the streets, just give her a hug from me.. My arms are just not long enough to do that from here... just kidding Ellie... well.. about the arms not being long enough.. . :)

I also met so many new dutch stampers who also love to be creative.. We exchanged some blog addresses.. I can't wait to follow them in their creative journey. & oh I wish for them too that they would have Stampin Up in Holland.

Well.. I have some unpacking to do.. I am loaded with dutch chocolate and dropjes and coffee and hema clothes.. sigh.. I miss Holland already.. So difficult to have my heart in 2 countries..

But.. that's life right.. I hope to be able to create a card somewhere in this day.. I missed my little craft spot in the house.. and my hubby too of course :)

Hugs, Pauline


  1. Lovely photos. I totally understand what you're saying with your heart being in two countries, mine is too and has been for 20 years now. It's difficult!

    Thanks for sharing your holiday, I've been missing your wonderful creations.

  2. Lieve Pauline,

    Wat hebben we een geweldige tijd gehad! Ik mis je, maar geniet van alle herinneringen. Heerlijk dat ik vier dagen van jouw humor, fijngevoeligheid:-), wijsheid en liefde mocht genieten.

    God bless you and your familiy

  3. I know the feeling Pauline... I am from NZ so have half my heart there and half here. I wanted to say that the photo of you walking with your children in the mist is sublime! Just love it.
    Maree :)

  4. Pauline,
    I am so happy you had such a fun trip to Holland with your adorable kids! Your photos are so beautiful! :)
    -Anne Marie


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