Monday, November 29, 2010

Rejoicing in Christmas by Stampin Up, Carolyn and me

Good morning dear all of you.

Only 26 more days until it's Christmas. Oh my how time flies these days. Me and my sweet mother in law Carolyn used this gorgeous 'Rejoicing in Christmas' stamp set just before I went to Holland. She purchased that one and we couldn't wait to try it out. I have to say, we had a blast. So fun. We so needed to relax hat evening. Just to sit and create & get our minds focused on other things than running after the kids :). My hubby went on one of his hunting trips that weekend and she helped me with the care of the kids. She is amazing. She reads them stories, takes them out for some chocolate milk at their/her favorite coffee shop.. She just loves them all over. The kids can't wait to see her and Ray again.

I love how this card puts the focus on Josef and Maria and Jesus. To me that's what Christmas is about.. the celebration of the birth of Gods Son Jesus. What a gift.. unreal!!! But don't get me wrong, I also super duper enjoy getting together with our dear family and friends over Christmas and the New Years. We are so blessed with all of them.

You know when I was being crafty here with Carolyn, I was thinking..
We should do something like this with her friends. In the last 9 years I have gotten to know them a little bit and they are all so, so sweet. In one way or another they have all been so good to our family. When I started dating (with my now hubby) Scott, they dropped me of at the airport after I visited him in Canada, the threw an amazing Bridal shower for me before we got married. They send us cards and gave us rides to Fairmont, phone calls and the best hugs when we would meet.

But above all they have been such amazing friends to Carolyn over all those years. And I also keep hearing from Carolyn that they love the cards I make for them.. maybe they would like to give it a try for them self.. They will be surprised at how fun and relaxing it is to do something like this. & I would love to sit at our table and make some Christmas cards with them.. Spoil them and have some snacks, some wine and some lovely Christmas music and some fun chats. I am so sure they would all enjoy it.. I might ask her..

Anyways.. It's gorgeous outside.. and I need to do some heavy duty snow shoveling.. before it turns into ice on those many steps that lead to our home sweet home...

Have a beautiful day yourself.
Inky hugs, Pauline

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