Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Punch bunch card by Stampin Up and the journey of Naomi's hips.

Naomi learning how to walk with her sister Rachel and friend and her brother Reuben behind her. Isn't it cute. I love it!

I love her littlle face.

Good morning dear you!
I hope your day is full of beautiful joys today! I have one in front of me. My 21 month old daughter Naomi Grace. Since a week she is actually able to walk. This is truly a miracle. She was born without hip sockets and her legs didn't have the length any bones should have to be able to reach her hips. They didn't even came near where here hips were supposed to be.
  • In the normal anatomy of the hip joint, the root (the tight bone) is connected to the pelvis at the hip joint. The almost spherical end of the femur head fits into the acetabulum (a concave socket located in the pelvis) The bony surface of the femur head and the of the acetabulum are covered by cartilage. While bones provide the strength necessary to support body weight, cartilage ensures a smooth fit and a wide range of motion.
So our Naomi had none of that happening. She had a condition called: 'Hip dysplasia'.
Since she was born we have been in and out the hospital for check-ups. X-rays, adjustments to her cast. But what we all hoped for, didn't happen at all for the first 8 months of her life. When we talked to her doctor at the end of 2009, he told us that we might had to prepare ourselves for operations and her being in a wheel chair if nothing would change.
The week after that appointment I felt so down..
  • As you maybe know from reading my blog before, I am so aware that there is a God in Heaven. I adore Him, I love His Son Jesus and I have seen Him do miracles and believe me, I asked Him to touch Naomi's body. Big time. My family did, our friends did.. But that week , it was difficult.. For me and my family it was a road less traveled. Would our Naomi have to limp her way through life! I knew God would be with her. He created her and I know He thinks the world of her with or without hip sockets. & I have learned in life that it is not always perfect (smile) and I am okay with that! But for some reason as a mom I wanted the best for my daugther.. and I guess that is okay too.
  • About 4 weeks later on a Sunday we went to the Bethany Chapel in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. At a certain moment during the service the pastor asked if there was anyone who needed some prayer. My dear mother in law Carolyn, touched my shoulder and whispered: ' Why don't we ask prayer for Naomi?' It only took us a couple of seconds to get ourselves organised and as a family we we went to the front and told that dear pastor and the man that was with him a short version of our story. ' And we would love for God to give our Naomi hips'. I ended.
It was short prayer. Nothing fancy. But it was such a Holy moment to me. I so felt God's presence. It is hard to put in words, but I knew He was there with us. The pastor blessed Naomi and he asked God to bring healing to her body. He blessed us as parents and thanked God for Who He was and still is!
  • On that Tuesday I went back with Naomi to see doctor Harder in the Children's Hospital. She needed some adjustments done to her cast that kept everything into place. When I saw the doctor he said.. 'You know what, why don't we take another X-Ray, just to see what is going on in there'.
After an hour we went to see him again and to see what was going on in Naomi little body. My heart was racing.. I was so curious if anything had happened that Sunday or if it was still the same as about a month ago.
  • The doctor turned his computer on and looked at the X-ray. Oh.. 'I think something went wrong in here'.. he said while he clicked some buttons on the computer and he went to the X-Ray from about a month ago. Well.. he said, we are in Naomi's file.. then he clicked to the newest X-Ray from that day.. and the looked and looked again.. then he looked at me and back at the computer. 'Well, I guess you don't need me anymore!' he said.. 'What do you mean?' I asked the doctor. 'Well, I am looking at the hips of a healthy child. I told you it would happen, I didn't think it could happen this fast.. but it did happen and she is okay.. She has hips! '

I couldn't even blink my eyes. 'Oh my goodness' I said.. That is so amazing! Thank You, God! And.. yes thank you Doctor Harder.. but oh my.. Thank you God.. Doctor Harder was just looking at the X-Ray. Why don't you come back in October of 2010. Just to see what the progress is.

And there I walked out with Naomi, no cast on her body. I was so thankful. I looked around at the people in the waiting room with their little ones. Some of them were in wheel chairs, others were limping and others were still so tiny that they were only wearing a double diaper to keep the legs apart. Our daughter has hips, I said to one couple who had the tiniest little thing in their arms. the woman looked at me and started to have tears in her eyes. I think God did it, I said to her as I walked out.

I so believe that with the amazing help of Doctor Harder at the Children's Hospital in Calgary and God speeding up the process of forming Naomi's hips, Naomi got better. And now a year later Naomi is walking all by her self. She can dance and she can chase us and she is loving it! And don't get me started on her brother and sister. They are tickled pink about this whole thing. And they are telling everyone who likes to hear. And as parents and family and friends we are joining them.

Wow, Thanks for hanging in there with me. You know, for all ready so long I wanted to share this with you. And I am so glad I now did this morning. I hope it will encourage you.

It is like the theme of this weeks Stampin Sisters Challenge #79: The grass withers, the flower fades. But the word of God stands forever (Isaiah 40:8).

God says that He is a God of hope and that's why we should have hope, right! In His dictionary the word 'Hopelessness' doesn't exist. So that is good. Keep the faith dear you! There is hope!

I created this card for the SS Challenge #79. they asked us to use a Flower stamp image.. And that's what I did.

Enjoy today! Enjoy tomorrow and don't let this day slip through your fingers. There is a plan for this day. I am positive!

Inky hugs, Pauline


  1. Wow, Pauline, wat een verhaal van Naomi. Ik heb de kleine details niet helemaal begrepen door de engelse termen, maar ik begrijp de strekking van het verhaal. Dit is zo mooi, wonderen bestaan dus nog steeds en waren er niet alleen in de Bijbel met een wonderbaarlijke genezing! Hier in Nederland is het vandaag Biddag, maar door dit verhaal is het ook Dankdag voor al het goede wat Hij voor jullie Naomi heeft gedaan.
    En voor ik het vergeet: je kaart is ook heel mooi!

    groetjes uit Nederland, Annemiek

  2. Oh, Pauline - that is a wonderful, heart lifting story. It brought tears to my eyes :) God Bless Naomi & your whole family. Wonderful card, too!

  3. Ik ben helemaal onder de indruk van je verhaal. Wonderen bestaan nog steeds....gelukkig. Wat fantastisch dat je jongste nu ook "op haar eigen beentjes" de wereld kan ontdekken.
    En voor ik het vergeet; je kaart is prachtig!

    Liefs en groeten,

  4. Oh, Pauline - what a wonderful story. God is SO good!!! Praise the Lord. I have tears in my eyes and am so happy for Naomi and your family.

    Beautiful card too - I love the colors you used and that Punch Bunch set is so irresistable. Makes me wonder why I don't have it. LOL

  5. Pauline, I am sitting here in tears, praising God for the miracle He worked in your little Naomi. Words can't express what I feel! I will never take my hips for granted again! LOL!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ! Much appreciated! I am impressed with yours! Super cute cards you are making and sharing. I need to look further. Thank you for stopping by and I will definitely be back! :-) Amy

  7. Oh Pauline, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes right now. Tears of joy for your sweet Naomi and her miracle. She is walking and that is a very beautiful thing. What an amazing and inspiring story! Wow! I wish I could give you a big hug right now! I know you must be so excited. All the best to you and your family. :)

  8. What an amazing story and what an amazing outcome. You and your family have truly been blessed. Thanks for sharing your sorrow and joy and thanks for creating such a beautiful flower card, it's lovely.

  9. Praise God for the healing of your daughter's hips. We serve an amazing God. Thank you for sharing your story. I love your flower card. I like how you have the alternating scalloped layers. Thanks for playing along with the Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge.

  10. Beautiful story and example of the work our Lord can do in each of lives if we just let Him! Your children are beautiful.


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