Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two step bird punch and some Trendy Trees - card by Stampin Up and me

Good evening.
  • I will let you in on a little secret ;) Our home has a couple of places that when needed.. in case of emergency :) can distract me from 'real life'. Take those flowers on our side table. It is so so winter outside right now in Calgary. It has been snowing for the last week. So I brought a little bit of spring inside our home with 2 pots of blooming daffodils. They do the trick.. really!
  • Then there is that gigantic picture of Amsterdam. Sometimes when I miss Holland (this happens on a daily basis).. I just pretend that this picture is my personal window to one of my favorite cities.

These are just 2 of the silly things I do to pretend my life is perfect (smile) No, I am kiddin'. I am very content and happy with my life here. Just that darn snow.. I know.. I have mentioned it before.

So here is a my card for the day. I used this lay-out before and I quite like it. I used the Two step bird punch created by Stampin Up. What a beautiful punch. I love working with it. If you never tried it.. go for it.

You know.. Untill the end of March it is Sale-a-Bration time at Stampin Up. When you spend $60 before taxes and shipping, you could pick a free SU product. So if you would buy for instance 3 different SU punches, you can choose a free Stampin Up stamp set. Now how cool is that. Sorry, I am getting a bit excited here.. Anyhoo :)

It is time for American Idol. Fun fun.. Who is your favorite singer.. I love LOVE Jacob.. what a voice.. WOW! Go Jacob go!

Inky hugs, Pauline


  1. Mooie kaart weer, Pauline!
    Leuk, die combi van verschillende SU-spullen!
    Hopelijk heb je weer van "je" Jacob genoten! ;-)
    Wanneer is het weer "sneeuw-vrij" bij jullie?

    Hartelijke groet, San

  2. I can imagine that you miss Holland and yes; spring has arrived....Bulbs in full bloom now and the temperature is going up. Not hot but enough to get rid of the cold....

    Your card; it turned out gorgeous. Love the look of the birds and your background is amazing!
    Have a great day!

  3. Jacob was great last night, wasn't he???

    I so love your card. Such depth with the small tree and the happy birds. It has to have helped you in remembering that there will be something besides snow outside!!

  4. Great card again Pauline!
    En wat heb je een leuk huis!
    Geniet van je narcissen. Ik heb de mijne (uit de tuin van mijn ouders) donderdag weg moeten gooien. Ben snel naar het tuincentrum gereden en heb nieuwe binnenhortensia's gekocht!
    Heerlijk weer wat voorjaar in huis.
    groetjes van Caro

  5. Whoa - how did I miss this post? I love the cute birdies and that little hint of leaves peeking out. Fabulous! And your room looks gorgeous & rich with the wood tones and the paint - I especially love that big print on the wall. I need to decorate my house so you've given me inspiration. :)


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