Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hydrangea: 'Because I care' by Stampin Up and me :)

Hi dear Stampers, it is so Saturday.. wow did this Sunny week ever fly by quickly. We have seen the swimming pool, the parks, the backyard, the trampoline and many other kid friendly places. Loved it. My kids had a blast and when that happens.. so does the mom. (me)
As soon as I saw this stampset in the new Stampin Up catalog it reminded me of Holland. I actually got a bit homesick.. :) I know.. still after 9 years I feel homesick!
Holland is known for it's tulips.. YES indeed.. But did you know that so many people in the Netherlands plant these Hydrangea's (Hortensias) in their yards. Go for a bike ride and you will see the many different types. The Mophead Hydrangeas is my favorite. It can grow huge. I have seen some that are taller than me. Seriously!. Their big flowers which have some of the deepest and richest colors, love the shade, the rain and some sun. And that is Holland for!
I actually have a question.
I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Are there any Calgarians who have these Hydrangea's in their yard. Do they last year after year?.. Or are the winters here to cold for these plants. I would love to find out.. That would be a dream to have a huge huge Hortensia plant/bush in front of our house. I would love to hear from you and find out which Hydrangea would be the best to plant here in Alberta!
Making this birthday card for my grandma in the Netherlands, was such a treat. I loved working on the details. I just wish I could capture them better in my photo's, but this was the best I could do..
Enjoy the rest of your day and I would love to hear from you again soon.


  1. Still getting through the list.
    Newest follower from SC. Hope you follow me too.

  2. Very pretty! Love how you made it pop. Thanks for sharing. Liz

  3. My goodness what a wonderful card. I wish that I could cut things out but alas I am challenged that way. I live in central Alberta. It was nice to find your blog.

  4. I love this stamp set. I really like how you added the flowers on top of the stamped image. Great job. I am following thru SC!


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