Friday, July 16, 2010

I received 2 blog awards.. Now how cool is that! Thanks Debbi!

Look :) Another proof that I am not the only reader of my blog (smile) These 2 awards for my blog brought such a smile on my face this afternoon. I just came home after helping my daughter (who is now 4 years old/young) to learn how to bike. Seriously my back is hurting me. I needed some computer time (smile) to rest. My hubby understands, he is now with the kiddo's.

Debbi Designs awarded me with these 2 awards. How fun is that. I feel so hip! She wrote: 'Great Cards and photography! Something I need to work on. ;)' Thank you Debbi.. That is so sweet of you. I love making photo's. It is like one of those hobbies I have on the side. Still lots to learn about it, but I love to use it on this blog and challenge myself in learning more.
Be sure to hop over to her blog and tell her how much you agree with her about my beautiful and trendy blog. :)
You will not regret it.. From what I understand when I read her blog is that she must be such a great person and Stampin Up demonstrator. Her customers are blessed with her. And I love her creativity. She has an eye for things. I love what you and your hubby did to your craft corner. How organized! Thanks again Debbi. I will pay it forward. I just need some time to scoop through my many favorite blogs. That will be no problem!

One I already know! (smile). It is Molly's blog! You can find her at this link. It is http://mollyslazydogblog.blogspot.com/. she has great tutorials and the most elegant and simple cards. She truly inspires me. You've been awarded Molly with these 2 Awards. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the awards! I will pass them along very soon. Love your bird card below, beautiful. -Molly B


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