Friday, July 16, 2010

Love Bandit birthday card by Stampin up for Ellie.

What can I say.. I love this little critter. This one I made for my dear friend Ellie in Holland. I have known her for close to 20 years I think. She is one amazing friend of mine. She visited me in Canada probably about 4 times. so sad, I can't even keep track of that number.

Ellie has that sense of humor that can show you who you really are and still laugh about it. I think that's a talent. And the funny thing is, she has the biggest memory on the whole planet. If I need a certain detail about something in my life.. She is the one to call. I don't know how she does it, but it sure comes in handy.. and the funny thing is.. she knows I forget important 'things' so between her nose and lips (dutch saying) she will mention it to me.. with a twinkling in her eye.. and nobody will see it except for me.. and in moments like that I am like.. Oh thank God for Ellie.. that was a close one.. Yip she is a keeper.

I hope she reads this and knows that she is so LOVED! ( Oh.. This would be the funniest thing.. if this wasn't the card I made for her, but the other one with the 'Love Bandit' stampset.. because to be honest.. I don't really remember that detail.. sigh) Love you Ellie.. Don't be to hard on me. I miss you!


  1. I love these cards, especially the one on the right.
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  2. Oh how adorable! I never thought of using this set for a birthday! Great idea!


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