Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Elegant and simple Hodgpodge Hardware card

Hi dear you's!

Meet my dear friend Rose Anne. I so love this woman. She is amazingly creative.. You should see her house. Martha Steward is absolutely 'nothing' compared to this woman.. I am not kiddin'. She is a true interior designer. There were beautiful antiques, pictures, frames.. oh so many details, cute little corners with... things... I just have no idea on how to put all these gorgeous images of her house into words..

Maybe one day she will let me into her home with my camera.. and maybe.. I can share some with you as well.. (hint hint:)
I tell you.. in that home was so much inspiration for me to make cards.. I spend way to long in her bathroom.. Kind of embarrassing (lol) Well it wasn't my fault.. really.. I was only there because there was so much to see and treasure in there! I just had to soak it in.

Anyhoo... Rose Anne made this stunning and elegant card. Her first card.
I love how she is able to think outside of the box.. She was moving her little cute Very Vanilla Hodgepodge Hardware frame (yes I think that is what it is called.. sorry about that one :) around on her card and then she placed it on top of the ribbon. She looked at it and moved it away.. Looking for another alternative.. 'Stop'.. I said.. (or something like that) that was a great idea Rose.. 'Look at it!'

So she put it back and then she saw it.. I love those moments.. She saw the beauty of what she could create there with that thingy!

I am still excited about this card. I think it rocks! It is so beautiful! It so represents to me.. the beauty of card making.. And I can't wait until Rose Anne is more familiar with the ins and outs of the tools and colours and the embellishments that Stampin Up has.. I think she will go crazy with her talent that is already there.. big time..

Hi Rose Anne.. :) Love yah!

And I have to say that I love this Basic Grey Taffeta ribbon.. Just perfect!

It is 10pm.. I should go to sleep! On time this time!
Hugs, Pauline


  1. so simple but so beautifull. love the card and the colors you used. I should have stamp a little note like... With Sympathie ... On it. Love Peet

  2. I know.. it could use some of that as well lieve Petra.. but then again.. This is also so cute!

  3. Love this card! Who would have thought...so simple, yet quite stunning.

    I do hope Rose Anne lets you and your camera in for a little peak around her house :o)

  4. Oooh, this is soo pretty! I never would've thought to do that! Lovely colors - matches her shirt! :)


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