Friday, October 1, 2010

Growing Green by Stampin Up and me

I love the elegant look of this Cameo Coral (pink) flower from the Growing Green Stampin Up Stamp set that I stamped about 20 times on a piece of Whisper White card stock.. It reminds me of the crisp nature in Fall when every leaf turns into a flower. It's like a second Spring, don't you think? I feel spoiled and I am loving it.. Fall is good and it's the first day of October.

Unreal.. how the time goes by. 15 years ago I woke up when my mom came into the room ... She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me that my sister had passed away in the middle of the night... 'Oh God... No... no.. Did she leave us in peace? But mom I wasn't even there!' Was the first thing I said to her.. 'Why didn't you wake me up?' I just slept.. the whole night.. I slept.... As soon as I had said it.. I felt bad for my mom.. I am sure she had enough on her mind.. And she was probable relieved that she had a bit of space to think and feel and share with my dad of what she was feeling after my sister had died.

I remember walking to the post office that day.. thinking.. all these people that are on their bikes and doing their thing, They have NO IDEA what is happening in my life.. They have no clue..
At that point I hadn't talked to anyone yet outside of my family and I felt by walking outside our home.. that I entered into a whole new world where everything was still the same. But I knew that for me it wasn't the same anymore...

I am sure this is happening to so many people.. They are doing their thing.. but in their hearts they are carrying this huge emotional load with them..
And people are passing them by and have no idea..

I worked for many many years with the street people in Amsterdam and Utrecht. When I immigrated to Canada I also worked with them in a homeless shelter. I love these people. I learned that there are things we can only learn from the 'weakest' among us. It is such a lie that the stronger should dominate the weaker person. I learned so much about myself and about my life on this planet by spending time with them. They have a story to tell, just like me.. They want to be known.. just like me.. like you!
I'm honored that I sometimes could be that person in their life. And I thank my family and friends for wanting to get to know me, with my ups and downs. All of it is me.
I am learning that one for sure. And God knows me. (Psalm 139) His love will never change for me. It will not become more, it will not become less.. It is not depended on what I do.. How safe is that! He has plans for my life.. and as long as I breathe.. I hope and live!

All that to say... (smile, thanks for hanging in there with me..) I created this card with the Pals Paper Arts Challenge #62, 'All buttoned up' in mind. Please click on this link to get inspired by the many amazing card makers all over the world who enter in their card on that website. Love it.

Dear you, have an amazing day where you feel loved and known!
A big hug, Pauline


  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Pauline...Your card is beautiful! I love how you stamped your sentiment! Thanks for joining the Pals this week!

  2. Your card is lovely and your story poignant. Thanks for sharing at PPA!

  3. Hi Pauline! Glad to see you back on the blog feed! I really enjoy reading your posts. :) Love your card, the clean lines are fabulous accented by those great corduroy brads. Very nice! Have a great weekend! :)

  4. Such a touching and moving story!!! Thanks for sharing. I really love the background on your card. Thanks for playing with us @ PPA!!

  5. Very pretty! Looking forward to following along from VA! :)


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