Friday, October 22, 2010

The snowflake community

Hi everyone! Glad to see you back on my blog!
Here you see Malann's creations. I tell ya, this dear woman is an artist! She paints and puts stuff together on a canvas with colors that just catches your eye. Her works of art are so different and unique and so full of beauty and peace.. It does something to the room where it is at.

Making a card like she did here, almost felt like it was out of her league. But then again.. I see Malann all over the card. (smile) She chose to work with the left over pieces from the Snowflake die, that we left for graps. She took the Crob-a-dile and started experimenting with it around the snowflake.. So need! I love it... and in my humble opinion, it gave this card that extra touch that it needed. You rocked it Malann!

Here she is... my sweet friend Malann with her little girl having some Chai, after making her 2 gorgeous cards!

My dear friend Robyn made this Snowflake card. Isn't it sweet?

And yes Angela was on a roll.. here is another cute cute card she made the other day. I know, where does she get all the ideas from.. So sweet!

Well, I guess that was it from the Snowflake dies we used last Monday! I so enjoyed hanging out with my friends. The laugther, the talks, the ideas we came up with, the friendships that were growing.. & the making of the cards were just a tiny part of it all.. Come again everyone! Loved having you!

You know, I want to encourage you to do the same.

God put so many lessons in nature to teach us 'His Stuff'. If you look at every snowflake through a microscope.. then you will see that none of them is the same, they are all so unique. I couldn't do it.. creating those billions of different snowflakes.. But I guess God knew it was important when He created the idea of all the 'different snowflakes'. It's easy to be just frustrated at the snow, because it is cold and in the way when you want to drive your car and you have to clean your car. But if you just take the time and pick up that snow for a second a really look at it.. then it is almost like it is coming alive in it's beauty.. So it is with people! Take time to be around them! Don't be just frustrated.. Each one of us has something unique and beautiful! What they do with it is a different story.. But God gave each one us talents.. big time! I love that about Him!
And you know what I think.. I think all of us need community around us to let our beauty and gifting come out.. What do you think?

Get some friends together and make cards, make pies, cookies or make paintings or make a quilt .. or go over to someones house and help them clean their house.. Create a community around you where you can be you and others can be 'them' with their talents and gifts and joys and passions.. To me that's life giving!

Hope you can find that in this weekend to come!
Hugs, Pauline

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  1. Beautiful post, Pauline! I always enjoy visiting your blog for a positive, happy lift in my day! The cards are gorgeous and I am so happy that you had so much fun with your friends. :)


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