Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From the heat of Angola to making a snowflake card.

Angela made this gorgeous card. Can you spot the little pearls inside the snowflakes?

Here are Angela and Kirsten being beautiful and having fun making Christmas cards!

Robyn created this card. Love how she choose to make one snowflake blue and the other white.

Good morning dear friends.

I so enjoy having this blog. It's such a great way to connect to so many of you. I know how I love to read through your blogs and be inspired. And I just have to tell you how I feel honoured that you come and stop by mine. So here is what I have for you today!

These are some of the cards my friends made yesterday. I am always surprised how, for instance in this case, out of one Snowflake die, so many different ideas can come. No card has to be the same.

My dear friend Angela made the first card you see on the photo. She used the 'Decorative Strip' that is available in the Holiday Mini Catalogue. She created this beautiful frosty scene on her card. This die has 8 unique snowflakes to choose from. I am definitely going to get good use out of that die. It is just stunning. And she did such a great job on the card. Way to go Angela.
Angela just came back from an intensive time in Africa - Angola.. Where there is so much sun and heat.. A place that has never seen snow. I am so impressed on how she and her hubby are adjusting to the life style here in Canada again. We have it so good.

She volunteered as a nurse in and outside of the operation room for the poorest of the poor with dr Foster. She has seen so much pain and injustice being done to the woman she helped, who were written off by their families.. Oh how life can be so unfair..

I pray God protects over her heart from what this pain that she has seen can do to her and her hubby. Her heart must be still there in so many ways.

If you click here, it will take you right to the blog that her and her husband kept during their time in Angola. It is called: http://kadeane.wordpress.com/. The pictures they took are breath taking and the tragic stories that they were a part of need to be heard. Also the beauty that came through their hands and their hearts. You will understand why I love Ang as much as I do after you visit her blog. She has a heart of gold and compassion and wisdom.

And then yes... here she was making cards and also enjoying it. Talk about a cultural different thing to do.. Saving lives.. versus making cards.. sigh.. Life eh.. All on the same globe..
Anyway... Not sure how to end this post.. It just puts me right back at a place where I feel humbled in so many ways.. I don't deserve what I have, neither do those people in Angola deserve what they don't have.. All I can say is God have mercy on us.. whatever that sometimes means.... And YES.. Like Angela's and our cards said this morning.. I would love to have Peace on this earth!

Hugs, Pauline


  1. What a great cards you made, wish we had a su shop in the netherlands or..better not..i have to work to much to get all the money that i need to get al the great stuff.hihi..love dear...Peet

  2. Hi Pauline,

    Thank you so much for your very kind words over at my blog. A treat for me too to see the beautiful baja and crumb cake snowflake cards.

  3. this is super adorable, I also luv your snowflake card...have a fantastic day!

    enjoy *~*


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