Saturday, October 16, 2010

A sweet surprise!

The Super talented and fun Colleen Hilchie at http://dragonflyinkcreations.blogspot.com/ passed this cute blog award to me. Thanks Colleen! That was such a sweet surprise when I opened my email a little LONG while ago.. ( I know.. what happened to the week) But what a great way to discover new blogs and make new friends.
Please visit her blog, she will surprise you with her creative mind and her humor.

For this award I have to tell you 3 things about myself and then pass the award along to 5 sweet blog friends.

Okay.. here we go:

  1. I love Sunflowers, Hortensia's, Orchids (still hoping Stampin Up will come with a great stamp set regarding this one) and tulips.
  2. Most of my time I am dreaming, thinking, creating and analizing... just trying to make sense of this crazy life here on earth. And learning to trust in the One. He knows what He is doing. When I can't trace His hand.. I know I can trust His heart for me. I love You Jesus!
  3. And yes... I stay up way to late! I should go to bed at 9-ish.. I am not kiddin'.. I honestly think I need that much sleep to be a sane mom! But the thing is.. If I sleep I wouldn't even notice that I had that free time.. After my kids go down for the night.. I feel like.. No more 'Mommy time'' it's now.. whatever Pauline wants to do - time.. And if I would go to bed.. I would miss all the fun! Right!.. It is almost 12 pm.. and I really REALLY should go to bed now!

All that to say.. I am thrilled to share this award with 5 fabulously talented and super sweet blogging friends who inspire us all with that little extra! Here they come!

  1. Sam Woodruff at A Latte Stampin. I love her genuine honesty and the beauty in so many of her creations! She has a beautiful unique and elegant style and besides making stunning cards, she knows how to use her sowing machine and she creates just about anything with it! Please visit her blig and say Hello to her!
  2. Chanda Stelick at One Crafty Mommy. I tell you this mommy and dear woman knows how to be dedicated to the things she signs up for.. She is such a sweet person and has an amazing creative talents all over her blog! Thanks Chanda.. You are such a 'desperate' treasure in the SU blog world! (smile)
  3. Petra from the Netherlands.. at http://peetjes-freubelsite.blogspot.com/ She is the sweetest girl/woman ever.. We connected through the Blog world and have been admiring each others work.. She is a true artist and has so many unique ideas. Please take a peek at her blog!
  4. Shari Winterstein at Southern California Stamper. I love her heart and passion for people. She is so genuine and caring and it shows in the cards she creates and the little notes she leaves at people's blogposts...Here is to you Shari!
  5. Julie DiMatteo at The Paper Pixie. This sweet woman has so many different styles in making cards. She keeps surprising me with her ideas and her genuine writing of her blog and the people she creates her cards for. Love your work Julie.

So.. that was good.

All I need to do now is contact them about their fun award. I hope they enjoy it!

I am off to bed! Hugs, Pauline

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  1. hey sweetie, what sweet of you to give me this award and those words...wow im blusing right now. Thank you very much and im so hapy that we meet...hope to be your far a away friend for a long time...love Peet


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