Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fifth Avenue Floral inked up in Baja Breeze by Stampin Up and me

Good snowy winter morning everyone..

Well, everything is white again in this world around our home in Calgary. No more pretending that Spring is coming soon..
Well, I guess it is a good day to catch up with a lot of things. Like writing.. no better calling my dear friend Ellie in Holland. Hi Ellie :) Just let me get dressed and organised here with the kids..
I cleaned the house big time yesterday.. So we don't need to do that this morning.. My hubby was so busy the whole week with work.. & I didn't want part of this weekend to go to cleaning this house we live in.. I look forward chilling a bit, having some Chai and catching up with him as well..
  • Oh.. and this is I think the best part of this day.. The house next door is up for rent in March :) After I heard the good, great, amazing and beautiful news I called my friend Malann and her hubby.. at 11pm in the night.. (yip, I will be such a great neighbour :) and told them about it. We have been talking about that a lot in the last weeks.. looking for ways how to be living in community more with each other, swapping meals, working out together in the morning, + their kids are about the same age as ours and they get along so well. + don't forget the amazing opportunity of baby sitting for each others kids (what a nasty English word is that) but.. it's good.. she adores our kids and so do we love their kids... You know.. just sharing life with each other..

So.. today Malann and her hubby will take a look at the house.. I hope and pray that it is what they are looking for.. it is almost to good to be true.. But you never know right.

  • Now for the 2 cards I created. Do you recognize the Fifth Avenue Floral Stampin Up flower again. If you don't have this Stampin Up stamp set.. it is so worth the investment. There are so many uses for it. if you browse through my blog, you will see how many times I have used it.
  • As a base for these cards I used the Crumb Cake Stampin Up card stock and I matched it up with the Whisper White card stock.
  • The Baja Breeze ribbon you see is retired and was available in 2008 through Stampin Up. I tell you, if you're like me and see something you like in the SU catalogue and you know that you could use it for ever (well kinda) buy an extra spool of ribbon or paper.. You will not regret it. Stampin Up loves to offer us new products.. and retire others.. I love it, but some items should not be allowed to be retired.. they should be with us .. well.. for a long long time :)

Anyway.. enough of the small talk.. I need to be part of this day too :) in this household.

Have a wonderful day (with no snow)

Inky hugs, Pauline


  1. What pretty cards, Pauline! I love the way you flipped the layout for each. And I agree - I love that Fifth Avenue Floral stamp. I don't have it yet but I'm teetering close to the edge of getting it. I held off on getting it because it's not clear mount but I love the stamp so maybe I should just go for it regardless, eh?


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