Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Create something to share!

Even if the world is gloomy.
There's no need to feel all doomy.
Just take a look around,
at all the beauty to be found.
And if you have the time,
to make some one else smile.
Get out some paper and some glue,
some stamps and gems too.
Mix them up with love and care
and create something to share.

By: Janet Robson (with a little Pauline twist :)

Me and my hubby have 3 children. We so love them. They rock. We believe they are a huge gift from God. I am so impressed with Him.... The way He created each one of them. They are so unique, so fun and loving. I fully know that they are not mine or ours. One day we have to let them go again. We can raise them, love them and care for them.. Seriously, what a gift..
In a tiny, small way that is how I feel about creating my cards.. I love it.. not to keep the cards to myself, but to share them.. that makes them even more .. well lets say.. special. I am sure you know what I mean..

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